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Come on in & check out our handmade gifts.Everything is handmade by Dave and Grace on their little farm in a small town in SW Washington. We both grew up on family farms.  The simplistic & practical way of life & working with your hands, They enjoy working together. Everything they sell is handmade by Dave & Grace using quality materials. These are the Full Aprons you have been looking for Classic Heritage style aprons that spans from 1930 to present.

My pattern is from one of my Great Grandma’s apron.   Straps rest comfortably on your shoulders, not on the neck; you’ll forget you have it on. Two pockets one on each side. The sides comes around behind, ties in the back. Quality workmanship at a reasonable price. Heritage is something inherited from the past. Grace at 60From work craft fairs, bazaars, website & Etsy shop We have been sewing, making our heritage aprons since 2001.  Each year we try to improving. Dave & Grace